September 30, 2022

Good news!

We have been taking provisional reservations this year, while the entry restrictions were in place but the wait is now over!

From October 11th, restrictions will be almost completely lifted, and the pre-pandemic list of visa-free or visa-waived countries will be reinstated.
Visitors will need evidence of three vaccinations... that’s it!

(take note of the vaccination brand requirement over here)

Japanese have always used masks to protect against colds and flu, and therefore naturally took to mask-wearing as a precaution during the pandemic. While it is not a government mandate, mask-wearing while in company has become a widespread social norm.  It is not a political statement nor a medical requirement, but is a social courtesy; some establishments and venues do however require a mask for entry (Nozawa Onsen’s ski gondola, for example!). Regular medical use paper masks are fine, as are cloth masks if you prefer.  

This is how to avoid embarrassment:

  • Always keep a mask in your pocket, just in case
  • Wear a mask always on public transport including taxis
  • Wear a mask in shops, museums, attractions, etc
  • Wear a mask as you walk into restaurants and bars
  • If you’re with other people who are wearing masks and you’d like to take off your mask, ask first!

If you don’t have a supply of masks, your accommodation will have them, they’re readily available at any convenience store, and many shops and restaurants will have stock for customer use.

All our properties will have a box of masks stocked for your use. Please use them and enjoy your long-awaited ski holiday in Nozawa Onsen!

P.S. If you're feeling unwell, do approach the Nozawa Hospitality team at any of our properties.

We look forward to welcoming you to Nozawa Onsen!