The Village

Nearby Nozawa Onsen

Nagano Prefecture is merely two hours from Tokyo by train.

There are many places and activities to explore in this region of Japan, where some of the freshest fruits are produced. Come to Nagano and Nozawa Onsen any time of the year for the most rewarding and unforgettable holiday that you long for.

Karuizawa Outlet Mall

If you’re into shopping, Karuizawa Outlet Mall is the place to go

With more than 200 stores to fulfil all your shopping needs. The mall is about a 2 hours drive from Nozawa Onsen.

Kanazawa Seafood Market

Very popular and busy market located near the Kanazawa Station

If you’re staying at one of our apartments or houses that come with a kitchen, you may wish to try local seafood from time to time. The Omicho Market at Kanazawa is a very popular and busy market located near the Kanazawa Station, some 3 hours away from Nozawa Onsen. Apart from seafood, you will also find fresh produce and other food ingredients here

Togakushi Shrine

Explore the beautiful Togakushi Shrine

Located in Mount Togakushi, and scattered in different altitudes of the mountain, a visit to the Togakushi Shrine also offers a good mountain hike. You will first come across the lower shrine, followed by the middle and upper shrines as you ascend the mountain. Along the way, you will always be surrounded by the lush greenery and serene atmosphere.

St. Cousair Vineyard

When we talk about Japan and alcohol, many would think of sake or Japanese whisky.

Little do people know that hidden in Nagano’s Iizuna, is a winery and vineyard located right on top of the hill. Enjoy some local wine paired with fusion cuisine at St. Cousair Vineyard, which is less than an hour’s drive from Nozawa Onsen.

Obuse - old samurai village

Obuse is an old samurai village that is worth exploring.

The Matsushiro Castle is one of Japan’s National Historic Sites and a former samurai residence. Try some agar food here, which is a type of refreshing jelly that is easy to consume even for younger children. Obuse is about a 2-hour bus ride or 1-hour drive from Nozawa Onsen.


If you’re into Buddhism or Buddhist culture of Japan, visit Zenkoji.

One of the most popular temples in Japan with 1,400 years of history, only an hour by car from Nozawa Onsen. To dive further into your mindfulness journey, try copying Buddhist sutras in the temple’s serene setting.