Investment Potential

Owning your own piece of this wonderful village

Foreigners can own Japanese real estate with no restrictions, and Nozawa Onsen is no exception (albeit with some local by-laws to be aware of).   If you are a regular visitor then perhaps you’d like to consider owning a home here.   This is a small village so location isn’t crucial, although, unlike many ski-focussed towns, the centre of the village is arguably more “prime” than ski-in ski-out, which is necessarily on the outskirts of the village.   There are also a number of hamlets in the village that are under the village’s jurisdiction, and a little-known enclave high on the mountain bordering the ski fields.

Nozawa onsen

How does it work?

Although Nozawa Hospitality has a real estate licence, we are not an active broker. However we do occasionally see opportunities for buyers who want to participate more fully in the life of the village.   Transactions are almost never advertised and are done through word of mouth; most acquisitions need careful renovation or rebuilding; and completed properties need management and care. We can sometimes offer our services to help with all of these. Ask us!