Top jogging routes in Nozawa Onsen

by Keisuke Enoki, one of our more athletic staff

Start from anywhere!

It’s best to avoid the heat in the middle of the day. Morning and evening are the best for exercising. Start by jogging to the Chuo Bus Terminal.

Noon in Nozawa Onsen

Relaxing route (4km)

A course that starts from the Chuo Bus Terminal and runs through the rice fields with the lower reaches of the Akataki River as a turning point.

☆ It feels great to run in the rice fields while feeling the wind!

Relaxing route 4KM

Beginner route (8km)

Start at the Chuo Bus Terminal, run down to the Nakao parking lot at the entrance of the village, then turn uphill and run to the Schneider Hotel which is just past the Hikage Gondola.

☆ Since the distance from Nakao Parking Lot to Schneider Hotel is uphill, you can do aerobic exercise and strengthen your lower body.

Beginner route 8KM

Intermediate route (12km)

Start at Chuo Bus Terminal and run towards Hokuryu Lake as a turning point.

☆ It feels good to run on the  paved road surrounded by forest to Lake Hokuryu!

Intermediate route 12KM
Hokuryu Lake, autumn

Challenge route (26km)

A course that is used for the annual Nozawaonsen Trail Run. Paved roads, cross-country, stairs, long and tight climbs, but a pleasant trail course in the woods.

Challenging route 26KM

Scenic route (5.5km)

This is a loop starting from Chuo Bus Terminal, then going up towards the Tsutsuji Mountain Cemetery as if you’re going up the back mountain. When you arrive at the cemetery, turn right on to the village road and run back down to the village. It is a highly recommended course where you can see the village from different angles.

Scenic route 5.5KM

Do you have a personal favourite? Share with us!