Top 10 useful places

Although it’s a small village, Nozawa Onsen is surprisingly functional and an easy place to live, with a lot of services you might only expect in a larger town. And its small scale means you can walk everywhere! For locations, opening times, etc, of all these services, just ask us.


Barber/hair salon

Need a close shave, a new look, or just a tidy up? There are several barbers and beauty salons dotted around the village.


Washino, the local butcher’s shop, is a great source of good quality meats. Order a day or two in advance if you have a specific requirement.


There are two very well-equipped clinics.

  • The Nozawa clinic has particular expertise in sports injuries.  
  • The Abe clinic is modern and good for general ailments.  

Note that in Iiyama, 20 minutes away by car, there is a comprehensive hospital.

Convenience store

There is a Yamazaki convenience store 30m from O-yu, for snacks, toiletries etc.

Dry cleaners

Although many of our properties have guest laundries (and if you’re staying in one that doesn’t but you need to wash a load… ask us!), there is a coin-operated dry cleaners for more major, or delicate clothes.


The village has a public gym located in the Olympic park in the green season and the multipurpose hall in the winter. It’s set up for professional or club-level athletes.

Alternatively, book your accommodation at Kawamotoya and enjoy the village's only modern hotel gym!

Kawamotoya gym

Specialist shops

There is a stationery shop, a hardware store, t-shirt maker, seamstress,…  you’d be surprised!


There are two supermarkets in town, one (Uoyasu) on the main O-Yu street and one (Rainbow) slightly away from the centre. Both are good for all the basics you might need.


There are two pharmacies in the centre of the village with a wide selection of generic medications, and who can also fill a prescription from a Japanese doctor. They will make an effort to understand English!

Post Office

The post office not only handles your letters and parcels but it has an ATM that will accept a wide range of international ATM, bank, and credit cards. It also sells postcards and small souvenirs.

*Special mention*

Car rental

Driving in Japan is super-easy (but you do need an international driving licence) and this region is rewards a self-drive exploration. You can rent a car in the village, and there are a couple of larger rental shops in Iiyama. Nissan rental is conveniently located right outside Iiyama station!