It's time for a service upgrade!

Breakfast ingredients set (2012 - 2022)

Our package of basic breakfast ingredients that we have provided over the last ten years to guests in self-catering accommodation has gone from being a welcome necessity to a sub-optimal service for everyone.

Guests have increasingly diverse requirements for breakfast, and the village now has multiple cafés opening early for breakfast with a variety of menus.

Harding's (2022, Kawamotoya)

From this season (bookings made from 10 Sep onwards), rather than providing basic breakfast ingredients to all guests regardless of their preferences, we will pre-order groceries on demand according to a grocery list, and stock guest kitchens according to guests` specific requirements.

For guests who have booked before 10 Sep, we will of course provide ingredients as before.

We hope that this continues our strategy of providing the best service in the village!