Dousojin Taiko

First Sunday of October
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Dousojin Taiko

Local Taiko band annual concert

First Sunday of October, Dousojin Taiko annual concert is held at Sparena.

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15 Jan
Dousojin Fire Festival

The most important festival of the year in Nozawa

1 Feb
Lunar New Year

Lunar (Chinese) New Year - gong xi fa cai!

2nd Sat and Sun of February
Iiyama Snow Festival

With this much snow, who wouldn't have a snowman competition?

14 Feb
Valentine's Day

Not just for couples!

1st Sat of March
Festival of Light

Spot the mini lanterns on the route to Nagasaka slope

29 Apr
Golden Week

One of Japan busiest holidays

2nd Sat and Sun of May
Nanohana Panorama March

A walking festival

1st Sat and Sun of June
Tsutsuji Ama festival

Azalea flower festival

2nd week of June
Bamboo shoot festival

Harvest week for takenoko, bamboo shoot!

Jul 23 -25th
Annual marathon

Renowned trail race of 14km, 23km and 65km as well as vertical climb race

first Sat in Aug
Summer fireworks festival

Food, music and fireworks

Aug 8-9th
Lantern festival

Lantern festival

Aug 13 - 16th
Bon Odori

Bon Odori

Nov 1st
Turnip festival

Celebration of the turnip harvest

2nd Saturday of December
Opening of the ski resort celebration

Opening of the ski resort and celebration of the start of winter season

31 Dec
New Year's eve

Booze and fireworks, counting down to a new year!

1 Jan
New Year's day

Happy New Year!

2nd Sat in Jan
Meet the mascot

Meet Nozawa Onsen's mascot - Naski! A skiing Nozawana (local Japanese pickle)

3rd Sat in Jan
1st Thanksgiving celebration

Thanksgiving celebration on the streets of Oyu-dori