About Us

Nozawa Onsen. Early evening. Steam rises from the surface of an onsen. A visiting hiker, muscles tired from a day of exploring, slides into the piping-hot water, closing his eyes in relief and melting into the spirit of the mountains. Morning. A skier pauses from her first tracks on a long ridge run to look down at the village below, breathing crystal-fresh air as she sees the village down below, compact and welcoming in a carpet of white.

This is what we have to share, and more.

At kkNozawa Hospitality, we have developed properties that allow visitors to share in life of Nozawa Onsen – skiing, culture, mountain hospitality, tradition, and more. Fresh food, excellently prepared; acclaimed sake brewed locally; a hot coffee and a cold craft beer. Water everywhere: public baths, private baths, streams, brooks, ponds, lakes…

We treasure Nozawa Onsen and it is our privilege to offer you our hospitality.

Vision & Value

Nozawa Onsen is unique in Japan, and one of the most special places we know anywhere. Our vision is to share this, carefully, with guests who understand our passion.

We are humbled to be part of this thriving, strong, active mountain community. We respect its history and admire its sense of carefully directed progress.

We are excited to show visitors the integrated blend of mountains, culture, food, water, and cooperation that is Nozawa Onsen’s heritage.

We will strive to invest in tourism that contributes to the village’s well-being and becomes an integral part of it.

We expect that while the village may change its visitors, the visitors will not change the village.

Largest boutique hotelier in Nozawa Onsen

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  • Japan office:
    8858 Toyosato, Nozawaonsen-mura, Shimotakai-gun, Nagano Prefecture 389-2502, Japan
  • +81 (0)269-85-2124
  • info@nozawahospitality.com
    • Singapore office:
      (For English & Mandarin)
      59 Club Street, 2nd Flr, Singapore 069434
    • +65 915 66 200
    • info@nozawahospitality.com