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Open the Door to Nozawa Onsen. Powder ski runs, first thing in the morning. A hot spring soak in an onsen in the evening. A meal made from ingredients all grown, picked, fished, or hunted locally. Cycling alpine scenery. Mountain biking on birch forest trails. Magical photography of ancient shrines and inspirational sunsets.

This is Nozawa Onsen.

We invite you to come and enjoy this mountain village by staying, eating, or playing at one of our properties, easily reachable from Tokyo year-round.



To book for our other properties, please email:

Our Hotels:

Address NozawaKawamotoya elizabeth_final

Vacation Rentals:

Address NagasakaParadise Chalet

Events Space

The Dojo: Nozawa Events Space

And, an hour or so away from Nozawa Onsen, another idyllic mountain retreat:

Azumaya Kogen Hotel