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Nozawa Onsen. Early evening. Steam rises from the surface of an onsen. A visiting hiker, muscles tired from a day of exploring, slides into the piping-hot water, closing his eyes in relief and melting into the spirit of the mountains. Morning. A skier pauses from her first tracks on a long ridge run to look down at the village below, breathing crystal-fresh air as she sees the village down below, compact and welcoming in a carpet of white.

This is what we have to share, and more.

At kk Nozawa Hospitality, we have developed properties that allow visitors to share in life of Nozawa Onsen – skiing, culture, mountain hospitality, tradition, and more. Fresh food, excellently prepared; acclaimed sake brewed locally; a hot coffee and a cold craft beer. Water everywhere: public baths, private baths, streams, brooks, ponds, lakes…

We treasure Nozawa Onsen and it is our privilege to offer you our hospitality.


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